Favorite Podcasts

I got into podcasts about 3 years ago when I started my job and wanted something to listen to during my commute.

These are what I’m listening to today and recommend!

Hidden Brain by NPR

If you like learning about how the human brain works and why we think and do what we think and do.

Planet Money by NPR

An economics podcast, but you don’t even know you’re learning about economics! I even forget sometimes!

Here to Make Friends 

If you’re part of the #BachelorNation, this is a fun recap podcast with a feminist view on it. Who’s enjoying this season of Paradise?! I sure am!

Culture Gabfest from Slate

This is where I find out about movies and tv worth watching. Plus other pop culture happenings. Stick around at the end for the hosts’ endorsements.

Rough Translation by NPR

This is an interesting one. The stories are about people in other countries that go through similar problems that we experience in the US. I’d start on the first episode to get a good grasp on how it goes.

Guys We F****d

The highlight to my Fridays! Hosted by two comedians, this a relationship/dating/feminist/funny/shameless podcast. These ladies know how to talk about relationships with nuance and humor at the same time.

On Second Thought with Trevor Noah

If you’ve seen The Daily Show and have seen the “Between the Scenes” segments on YouTube, this podcast is like a longer version of that, including a featured guest who’s usually an expert in the topic.

Some others that I’ve listen to:

  • Unqualified with Anna Ferris
  • Why Oh Why (currently not coming out with new episodes but fun to listen to)
  • TED Radio Hour

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