Never Say Never is No Joke

Don’t believe me when I start a sentence with, “I’ll never…”

Because I’ve learned, I will do it at one point.

For example, last year was the first time I dyed my hair. I had always wanted an ombre effect and I finally decided to put the money down and do it (I say this because it’s hella expensive and I don’t know how women keep up with this).

Because my hair is so dark, the hairstylist had to go through a bleaching process that involves wrapping sections of my hair in foil. That took freakin’ forever! Not to mention how heavy my head felt by the end of it! I knew I my hair would have to be lightened considerably but I had no idea what the process would really entail- and HOW LONG it would take.

By the end of the whole thing and my hair finally cut, I wanted to get out of there so bad! The black bib around my neck was making me feel claustrophobic and I was so antsy from sitting in the chair for over 3 hours.

I walked out of there with the cut and color I always wanted but also with the vow that I would NEVER dye my hair like that again.


(I laugh at myself because I should have known I would not keep that promise. I have made similar statements before and, well, I didn’t keep my word.)

Yes, last week I had my hair dyed again… in a different style from last time, but still. I subjected myself to 5 hours in the salon chair while my neck suffered under a weight of foil around my head.

But I looooove the look! It was worth it! And my hair stylist was so pleasant! I’d probably do it again in a few years.

I’ll admit, this hasn’t been the first time I said to myself that I would “never” do something, but then found myself doing it.

A few others have been:

I would never date someone I worked with.

I would never let a boyfriend live with me at my parent’s house.

I would never go to grad school… because I didn’t see the point. (This turned out to be a good one that I went back on because I made some great friends while in the program. And also, enhancing your education is never a bad idea.)

I think the important thing to remember about this is to acknowledge that we all make great decisions and not so great decisions. Going through these things can help us know what consequences we face if we ever have to (or even want to) deal with these choices again.

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