Ensenada Adventure

Last weekend I planned a cruise trip to celebrate mine and my best friend’s birthday. We did a 3 day cruise that stopped in Ensenada. This was my first time in Mexico, ever. And yes, it was quite the adventure.

We originally scheduled an excursion through the cruise that was for ATV riding and wine tasting. Come to find out the day before that the excursion was cancelled. It was going to be through the hills of the Valle of Guadalupe and there was a fire hazard.

One of my friends had been to Ensenada multiple times so we decided to let her guide us through downtown. We had plans to check out some drinking places that the town was known for.

Lo and behold, when the morning came and we disembarked the ship, all of us had a layer of tiredness from the night before (Spice Girls, singing karaoke, dancing and staying up all night can make for a hard morning after).

We made the best of it, first checking out the vendors and doing a little shopping. Some of us bought souvenirs. I bought myself a cozy Mexican blanket.

Afterwards, we wanted to eat, but wasn’t in the mood for one of the more active places. Luckily, my friend had the perfect place in mind and we headed for the most quiet and empty restaurant in town. This place was a life saver for all of us.

The one thing I wanted in Mexico were enchiladas. Bonus points if they were mole enchiladas.

And to my excitement, this place had exactly that.

The sauce was impeccable, it hit the spot like nothing ever. I was in heaven.

After lunch, we attempted to go in a bar. One look at all the shots and hearing the whistles blow in our ears, we were all turned off. We left the place and tried to think of what to do next.

One of my other friends received a recommendation for a restaurant and bar called Cuatros Cuatros, about 20 minutes outside Ensenada.

Not trusting the taxis, we called an Uber and we drove up through the hills.

From the parking lot, we took a shuttle up to where the restaurant was, all while being offered complimentary beers! For some reason, after I had that, I felt so much better.

The shuttle went up a little road and we arrived at the all outdoor restaurant that had SPECTACULAR views of the ocean and the coast. All of us were in awe of the place.

And the best part was that it was quiet, we weren’t running into any of the other cruise members, and we could enjoy each other’s company.

I ordered a Sauvignon Blanc that was so tasty and perfect with the atmosphere of the place.

And of course, put a group of girls in a place with an incredible view and a camera and they’re going to give themselves their own photo shoot. We got so many cute shots!

We planned it so well that we made sure to leave in time to get back on the ship. We had paid the Uber drive to wait for us so he could take us back since would be hard to get another one up there again. And he drove us right to where the port was. He was so awesome!

What happened in Ensenada was nothing any of us planned but it turned out to be the most perfect day!

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