Asking Anxiety

Last month I applied for a position in my company. This hasn’t been the first internal position I applied for, and my track record hasn’t been great. But there always seem to be some hope for next time.

I still haven’t heard anything back, until I asked about it last Friday. Apparently they’re wrapping up their decisions soon.

I’ve been so nervous to ask for an update. I kept putting it off to the next week or the next day or the next hour.

It’s funny when we get nervous about hearing news. Because whatever it is and no matter when we hear it, it’s already a fact.

Of course, it’s natural for us to feel emotions of excitement or dread in the moment. But then it’s up to us to accept the news and keep moving forward, plan for the next step.

Sometimes I use this thought to ease my anxiety about asking for updates on positions I apply for. It at least helps me overcome the fear of asking.

As far as this position I applied for, I should know very very soon. Wish me luck!

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