44 Days Until 2020

It is November 18th when I’m posting this and I’m already thinking about my 2020 goals.

I’ve been seeing those posts on social media calling out the significance of the new decade approaching and I’ve been thinking about what I’ve accomplished over the last 10 years as well.

However, I’m can’t help but look to what I want in the future. I’ve got a few things brewing in my mind already and I’m using my bullet journal to write them down to remind myself, once it comes time to really plan them out for next year.

Some of the old goals I’m keeping, because they’re part of my 5 year plan, are:

  • Travel (hopefully across the Atlantic next year)
  • Practice self-love
  • Use Skillshare to learn new things

A few goals I want to add for next year are:

  • Volunteer
  • Learn Spanish again
  • Publish the story I’m working on here as a book on Amazon

I’m still working on figuring out what my new “Word of the Year” is going to be. So far I’ve brainstormed “Confidence” and “Worthy”. A good start, but I want to think about it more.

Usually I break up my goals into categories. Last year I had “Professional”, “Financial” and “Life”.

Right now I’m not sure how to categorize these goals that I’m thinking about just yet. And I’m not sure how to add on to the goals that I’ve already accomplished this year. I do plan to use my 5 year plan as a guide on coming up with new goals for those categories, so that should help me break down action steps.

As January 2020 gets closer, I’ll find time to really think about what I want to focus on next year. And I could possibly add new categories (“Health”, “Relationships”).

I’m excited that I’m already thinking about how I want next year to go. Not only does it feel good to create your own direction for your life, but it’s amazing to see it come together. And you know that you made that happen.

If you have a “Word of the Year”, what word are you planning to use?

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