Writing for Self Discovery: Work Through Regret

Part 2

One thing I used to regret was my choice to get a degree in Radio/TV/Film and concentrate on screenwriting. Yes, it’s a fun major, one that allowed for me to get creative and analyze our culture at the same time. But sometimes I regret it because I feel like I should have chosen a more practical major. Like business and marketing. Something that would be much easier to take from job to job. I wouldn’t feel so stuck with “Film Major” being written on my forehead and therefore boxed into one industry. Not that the film industry isn’t incredible interesting and rewarding, but because it’s so tight to get into. Plus it’s hard to find an entry job that actually pays well. Selling myself to companies for jobs that are outside of the film/tv production field is challenging. I hesitate sending in my resume because I cringe at what they may say to my degree choice. And explaining your career decisions to family and friends can be annoying too. I just feel like it would be easier for me to get myself into more interviews and not be anxious to explain that Radio/TV/Film degree.

But I know I’m not defined by my degree. I don’t have to prove that to others to feel better about myself. As long as I know that inside, then it can be shown outwardly through my actions. I’ve been able to move past the label and show that I can do a lot more. I have other skills that I’ve been able to develop and show that I’m willing to learn. But I’ve also been able to use what I learned from my film degree and screenwriting MFA in the work that I currently do. It’s been a challenge to present myself as an asset in other industries, but at least I’ll have experience for later in life if I ever want to make a career change again.

I’m thankful for my degree because I got to study something I was truly interested in. And still interested in. It’s maybe turned into more of a hobby than a career, but it’s still part of how I enrich my life. And I think that’s also important to being a well-rounded person. Not to mention, I wouldn’t have met the amazing people in my MFA class and my best friend, who I take inspiration from because of how hard she works to live her dream every day.

Are you working through regret?

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