Writing for Self Discovery: Write to Your Young Self

Part 4

I am writing to my 10 year old self because I think that’s the last time I felt truly care-free. I don’t remember too much of what I was doing then but I knew that I was into soccer, reading, writing, girl scouts, swimming, hanging out with my friends and being a big sister to my 2 year old little sister. I also remember that turning 10 was super important to me because I finally turned double digits.

Dear 10 Year Old Monica,

Congrats on turning 10!! What an important milestone! Double digits are super exciting and there’s a lot more to look forward to in future birthdays. Right now I’m 28 and looking right at 30 and it’s kinda weird. We both know it was hard to see ourselves older and an adult. But don’t worry, you’re doing pretty well.

I want you to continue to be passionate about doing things you like. Go all in it. Don’t listen to what others may say about it, if you still enjoy a certain thing or activity, keep doing it! What matters is that it makes you happy.

I want you to remember that you’re capable of more than you know. Don’t shy away from challenges. Assert yourself because your thoughts are important. You will begin to learn how to do things on your own, which is really exciting. It will help you gain confidence to go out and be open to new things. You never know, you might just like it (I know dad gives this advice all the time and it can make you want to roll your eyes but honestly, he’s on to something).

I’m not going to lie, being a girl is kind of hard. You are going to start noticing your body more and look at through a certain lens picked up from magazines and what you see on TV. Sometimes you’ll be pleased with how you look and sometimes you’ll hate it. But always know that no matter what, your body is yours and that’s the beautiful thing about it. You know how and what to do to keep it healthy, because that’s the most important part.

Life has a lot to offer, so don’t be too busy being self conscious to prevent you from taking chances. Hold on to your passions and let them take you places you never dreamed of.

Love Monica

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