My Journey Through Bad Yogi’s Perfect Body Yoga Program

For the next two months I’m trying out the Perfect Body Yoga Program, provided by Erin Motz. I bought the program because I wanted to see how it could help me grow my yoga practice, transform my body, and to continue to build on my mediation practice. I’ve become comfortable with doing another series of yoga on Youtube and I think it’s good to get a different perspective from other teachers.

Currently, I am two weeks in and I’m starting on my third week. At first, I did have to get used to her pace, because it is slightly different than what I’m used to. I’ve been practicing long enough that I have enough tools and awareness to know what I need and what works for me. But these practices have been a good guide so far. I also like that they are 30-40 min practices and her moves are unique and challenging, which I like a lot.

The practice does allow for two rest days. One day is a guided meditation and the other day encourages you to go outside and walk. I really like the idea for these rest days, especially the walking because that is one of my favorite low-impact exercises. The guided mediations correlate to the theme of the week, which I like. Not only that, but at the end of most practices, there is a short mediation as well. As part of my year goal to mediate more, I like how this program incorporates it a lot.

The program also comes with a meal plan and an opportunity to join the Facebook group for support. I like the meal plan because it’s not a book of recipes that you have to stick to for all three meals. It’s more of a promoter of choosing healthy and real foods to nourish your body. The first week is about meal prepping each meal you’re gonna have during the week. I already do this, for my breakfast, lunch and snacks, for the most part. Week two was about hydrating naturally, basically just drinking more water. This is something I’m trying to do, more in the sense of just taking sips of water more often. During this time of year when it’s a little cooler, I don’t think to drink water as often, so I have to remind myself. This next week is about cutting half the sugar. This will be interesting for me, in that I’m always trying to limit my sugar, but it’s still something I struggle with. I want to be more conscious about it this week.

For the next six weeks I want to get better at the flows and to gain a stronger connection with my body. I’m not expecting to loose a ton of weight during this process, but I do want to get stronger and more flexible. I also want to work on keeping the mantras at the fore front of my mind, both on the mat and off. I’m taking the program day by day, but yoga is always something I look forward to anyway.

Are you going through any workout challenges or programs right now?

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