Horrified, Sympathetic, Annoyed: Feelings About Joe Goldberg from You

I just finished You and I’m working on the sequel, Hidden Bodies.

And Joe Goldberg gives me so many emotions and feelings. 

It’s quite frustrating and quite genius of the author, Caroline Kepnes. 

On one hand, I think he’s a controlling murderous scumbag. He murders those who get in the way of his love interest. 

And the stalking and stealing is creepy and horrifying, not romantic. 

He’s also super perverted, sexualizing every girl he comes into contact with. 

He’s the type I hope I never meet. 

But as the story goes on, I can’t help but feel bad for him sometimes. 

Like Beck? Yeah, I knew she was a tease and had issues. She was annoying and her friends and ex were annoying.  I wanted him to get over her so bad. 

And the people he meets in Hidden Bodies are also annoying and I felt for him when Forty took credit for his screenplays.

Sometimes I can’t take him seriously as a murderer because he makes so many mistakes. He thinks he’s so smart and yet… leaving a mug of your pee at the scene of a crime?? Smh. 

I kind of like that I have these complicated feelings for the “protagonist”. It’s good to be uncomfortable in what you read or watch so that you can evaluate your own opinions and analyze why you feel the way you do about a certain topic, situation, action, etc.  

That’s the power of reading, right?

Does anyone else have these feelings while reading this series? Any recommendations for readings that take you out of your comfort zone?

After I finish reading the sequel, I don’t have any intention of watching the show on Netflix. The books are enough for me.

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