Baking in Quarantine

I was bitten by the baking bug during quarantine and I’ve made a few things to satisfy some cravings I’ve had over the lock down. Here’s what I’ve made (other dishes included):

Dinner Party!

One weekend I had an urge to cook a 3 course meal… from scratch! And I wanted to make it sort of like a dinner party for the four of us.

This is the invitation I made and sent out:

Sadly, at that time, peaches weren’t in season, so we settled on an apple cobbler. But not even settling because this apple cobbler was BOMB!

To start us off, I made a bean dip from a recipe I found on Pinterest. It was cheesy, bean-y goodness.

And for the main course: homemade margarita pizza!!! It was made with a no-yeast dough (ya girl doesn’t have time for rising yeast) and the marinara sauce was made from scratch. Ugh it was so good. I ended up making it again later that week, since there were enough ingredients left over.

My sister also made us a cucumber vodka cocktail that was perfect for the first warmth of summer we were getting. (Sadly, no picture.)


One morning, my sister and I were craving French toast. So I whipped up these bad boys:

No joke, we were full for the rest of the day. We could’ve skipped dinner later that night but we felt like we had to have something healthy to balance it out.

Banana Bread… CHEESECAKE

You read that right! I made a cheesecake that used banana bread as the crust. This was also my first time ever making cheesecake. If I were to make it again, I would do some things differently, but I’d 100% keep the nut and caramel topping.

That little banana was how I felt eating it.


Every summer I get a craving for s’mores. I like to find a creative way to combine the graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallows rather than make a traditional s’more. This year it was cookies!

I wanted the cookies BIG with LOTS of chocolate chips. I like to think I succeeded.

Peach Come Back

Don’t worry, the peaches had their day! Finally we are now in peach season and I was able to make… not a cobbler this time, but a PIE!! I completely forgot about a pie recipe book my cousin gave me for Christmas until I was staring randomly at my bookshelf and saw it. This recipe is from Sister Pie, a bakery in Michigan and they had a Ginger Peach Biscuit Pie. It. Was. Perfect.

Got nice and cozy with vanilla ice cream.

So that’s it for now! I have a few things I want to make still and I definitely want to try another pie recipe from that book. (I made the Vote Mustard Dressing for a salad I prepped for lunch and it was so good!)

Have you been making anything yummy during quarantine?

Meals on Wheels helps get healthy food to seniors who may be poor, living alone, and malnourished. During the pandemic, it also helps them get the food they need and check to make sure they’re okay, while social distancing. If you can, please donate here.

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