Diving into Tarot Reading

About a month ago, my sister and I started learning how to read tarot cards!

We were discussing it here and there and I remember listing to a podcast about daily tarot reading for self-improvement. (The podcast is called By the Book. The hosts read a self-help book and live it for two weeks, then come back and talk about their experiences.)

Then we decided to make the plunge and buy a tarot deck.

My sister bought one for me and I bought one for her. There’s a superstition that you shouldn’t buy your own first tarot deck, but there are other claims that you should. We just decided to gift each other one.

It’s been really interesting getting to know tarot. I think common perception of it is that it only tells you about your future. But after reading meanings of cards and doing a few of my own spreads, tarot is more like bringing out self awareness, a new way at thinking about a situation, or something to be aware of or open to as you go along your day/project/adventure.

At times, it can be eerily accurate, showing me what’s exactly on my mind. Sometimes it feels a little harder understanding what it’s telling me, but that will come with time of learning the meanings of each card and looking at the big picture of the spread.

I’ve learned to not ever expect the cards to tell me what to do about something. In the end, it will all come down to my choice. But they can serve as a form of encouragement or warning.

In the podcast episode I listened to about tarot reading as self improvement, they used it as something to meditate on or reflect on throughout the day. After pulling a card, you can journal on what the meaning means to you for that day.

I like to take that approach to my tarot reading, and to do it on a new moon to see how I should approach the next month.

It’s also fun to do love spreads and career spreads, just to see what you could learn about yourself.

Another fun thing about tarot is the decks is you can buy a traditional deck if you like, but there are more creative ones out there.

My sister gave me the Star Spinner Tarot deck. It has a very whimsical, fairy tale vibe to it, which I love. The cup suit tells the story of The Little Mermaid! Also, it comes with 4 lovers cards, and you pick the one that resonates with you to use in the deck.

Hooray for gay representation! I picked the one on the far left.

The one I bought for my sister is the Modern Witch Tarot deck. This one is so cool. The imagery on each card looks like more traditional decks, but it depicts all women.

Badass!! The Magician, Emperor, Hierophant and Chariot cards usually depict men.

These decks also come with their own guidebook, but I also like to go on Biddytarot.com to look up their deeper meanings.

Has anyone else started an unconventional hobby this summer? Or perhaps you’re experienced at tarot?! What has reading the cards brought you?

2 thoughts on “Diving into Tarot Reading

  1. I love this creative way of raising self awareness. I love both sets of cards! You have me curious! I’m going to check out the blog. Sent from my iPhone



  2. I love them as a personal development tool too. Another way to read the cards is to just look at the picture & see what jumps out at you. It’s like another leap into the unknown reading “intuitively” rather than using a guide book. Are you still enjoying them?


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