Planning for 2021

It’s the last month of 2020! How are we here already? Something tells me I shouldn’t be surprised, based off how the rest of this year went.

Anyway, a new year also means a new planner! For the past 4 and a half years, I’ve been using a bullet journal. I use it mostly to write about what happened during the day, keep track of appointments, habits and ideas.

If you’ve delved into the planner world, you know that the thing about bullet journaling is you use a blank notebook to set up your planner/journal your own way. And you can change it as you go to what works best for you.

One search on YouTube will bombard you with a million monthly calendar spreads, weekly spreads and habit tracker ideas.

A popular thing to do is create a theme for each month. I generally make my bullet journal this way, with a kind of scrapbook-y vibe to it.

While I love tapping into my creativity to create these themes and journaling spreads, after four years, it’s getting hard to come up with new themes and new ways to use my washi tapes.

I’m bullet journal burned out.

So this year, I’m going to use a pre-planned journal! I’m nervous and excited.

An instagram ad marked me with this Moon Planner and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It helps you plan your year and take action using the phases of the moon and the zodiac.

I know, sounds kind of out there. But who knows, maybe it’ll help me achieve some goals I have by next Capricorn season?

Anyway, I like that it’s a planner and workbook at the same time. There’s a lot of writing space to work with. And I’m looking forward to using fun colored pens in this planner and maybe I’ll break out some washi tape to decorate. The planner is mostly in black and white, so any pop of color will be fun.

What do you use to plan your year and keep track of your goals? Or do you like it wing it?

2 thoughts on “Planning for 2021

    1. You should! I used to keep one in middle school and high school. I can’t help but laugh at the entries I wrote when I was mad at my sister lol. But it’s also nice to look back at what i was doing and thinking.

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