Life After 30

Maya has always had The Plan. It was a list of goals she had for her life by the time she turned 30:

  • Make lead editor
  • Get engaged or be married
  • Buy her own place

Her 30th birthday is fast approaching, complete with a big bash she was throwing, and she had each one of her goals right in the palm of her hand until… her boyfriend of 8 years breaks up with her.

As her life spirals out of control, Maya has to figure out what she wants her 30s to look like, now that everything she ever worked for disappears.

See below for each chapter:

Chapter 1: I Didn’t See That Coming

Chapter 2: I Won’t Apologize for My Success

Chapter 3: More Unexpected News

Chapter 4: One Last Favor

Chapter 5: The Deal

Chapter 6: My New Philosophical Father

Chapter 7: Birthday Desperation

Chapter 8: The Aftermath

Chapter 9: Another Party, No Problem

Chapter 10: Just A Few Words

Chapter 11: After the Blackout

Chapter 12: Not Too Late to Apologize

Chapter 13: Apology 2.0

Chapter 14: A New Philosophical Me

Chapter 15: A New Leaf