I Love Alone Time & Alone Time Loves Me

A lot of unfortunate things have happened during quarantine and because of quarantine. But for me, one of the things I’ve been enjoying is the alone time I have at home.

Seriously, I’m wondering how I’m going to schedule regular social activities with all the alone time I’ve gotten used to. Because the list of things I do when I have time to myself has gotten pretty long already.

For example, lately I have been:

  • Reading
  • Following the moon phases using my Moon Planner
  • Editing my book (crossing my fingers to release a full version this year!)
  • Working out (Running, yoga, Blogilates videos)
  • Crocheting characters from Harry Potter (pics at the end of the post!)
  • Reading tarot
  • Meditating
  • Doing The Chakras Activity Book & Journal
  • Figuring out what to write for this blog 😬
  • Trying out different brands of pistachio ice cream – I’m seeing pistachio food everywhere now, are you?
  • Doing my best to keep up with current movies and shows

Plus, soon we are putting a bathtub in and I already bought a couple Lush bath bombs and planning what I’m going to do while taking bath. Can’t wait!

If you’re spending more time alone recently, what have you been doing?

My Church is a Yoga Mat

One of my favorite ways to start off the new year is doing the 30 Day Yoga Challenge on the Yoga with Adrienne YouTube channel.

I really like how she has an overall theme to reflect on during the 30 days. This year, the theme was BREATH. And then each day has a word to focus on and connect back to the larger theme.

I also love how, if you sign up for the emails, she sends a love letter each day about the word of the practice and gives us something to think about.

At the end of this 30 day journey (but really, just the beginning of a life long one), I’m reflecting on how far I’ve come with my yoga practice.

At first, yoga was just a workout for me. A way to get stronger and work on my flexibility and posture. I wanted to benefit from the many physical health benefits of yoga.

As I was practicing my tree pose and getting from down dog to cobra to down dog again, I realized yoga was bringing me something else.

A spiritual awakening.

I remember the moment. I was doing TRUE, the 30 day yoga challenge from 2018. Adrienne was guiding us from a low lunge to a high lunge, straightening our spine to get into the full pose.

She was talking about how moving from the center is so important, because that’s our foundation and it’s a reminder that we having everything inside us to do what we need or want to do.

Feeling this connection to my center in order to physically lift me up into this high lunge, is the same thing as connecting to my inner self, my spirit, knowing that I have everything inside me to pull myself up from wherever I am.

Having that realization, that clarity, enter me so fully, almost brought me to tears.

Since then, I’ve been learning more about how to connect to my spirit, what it means to me and everything around me. Diving into yoga philosophy has helped me see its message told in other ways, all around me.

Now, even though yoga is still part of my workout routine, it has evolved into a time for me to connect spiritually as well. It’s part of my day where I tend to my body, mind and spirit. Practicing this connection while on the mat has helped me bring it to other areas of my life.

I never thought I’d say, my workout has become more of a spiritual connection for me than going to church ever did.

What’s one of your favorite ways to start the new year? Have you gone through a spiritual awakening in an unconventional way? What’s the meaning of life?

(To that I answer: LOVE)

Journal Excerpt: July 26, 2020


I want to take the rest of quarantine (or the year, whichever ends first) to truly focus on myself and being comfortable with where I’m at, but also working on self development. I want to get back to focusing on my goals and being aware of when I’m feeling confident (and bask in it) and when I don’t (so I can bring it out). I want to appreciate everything I’ve done for myself and how I’ve grown. I want to be more excited about what’s to come in life, rather than nervous or disappointed that I’m not at a certain place yet. I already know that I have a lot to be grateful for and that’s more than enough to realize I am amazing and I should be confident and I deserve compassion and love from myself.